Lecture Series on History and Tradition of Philippines (23-24 May 2019)

One of the Centre’s objectives is to enhance the efforts of the Member Countries in the utilization of the resources of their history and tradition in the
continual effort of human resource development in relation to the study and teaching of history and tradition. To achieve this objective, the Centre invited two experts with the kind help of a representative of Governing Board Member from the Philippines. The two experts Professor Dr Felipe M. DeLeon, Jr, Asian Social Institute and Professor Dr Celestina P. Boncan,College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines, Manila were
invited to give the lectures to Myanmar academic staff from Universities on 23 to 24 May 2019 at the Centre. They gave lectures on Early Philippines:
Cultural Development of Early Pilipino, Southeast Asian Trade, Introduction of Islam, Arrival of Spaniards, Establishment of Spanish Rule, Impact of Spanish Rule; Cultural Directions for Filipino Education: Enslavement of Liberation?, Living Filipino Cultures, the Genius of a people: What Makes Filipinos?, Embracing Cultural Diversity in an ASEAN Context, Period of American Colonial Rule: Arrival of Americans, Establishment of American Rule, Impact of American Rule on Filipinos (Focus on Democracy, Education, Health), Contemporary Period: 1946 – present, Philippine Foreign Relations: Focus on Southeast Asia. It was participated by 78 academic staff from universities of Yangon and Mandalay. It met the Centre’s objectives and participants have gained wider knowledge and understanding more of the history and traditions of Philippines and this knowledge can be shared to their students well.