Satoyama: Japanese Secret Water Garden (22 Nov 2019)

With the mission to promote the study of history and traditions, SEAMEO CHAT co-hosted the forum on “Satoyama: Japanese Secret Water Garden”
with the cooperation of the Japan Foundation, Myanmar on 21 to 22 November 2019. Its purpose is to be aware of environmental issues and
share how Japanese keep the environment to Myanmar people. On this occasion, Professor Dr Nobuhiro Ohishi, Kyoto University of Advanced
Science, Faculty of Bioenvironmental and two producers from NHK, Mr Shiniti Murata and Mr Masaru Yoneno gave lectures on Japanese Garden. Then a documentary on Satoyama: Japanese Secret Water Garden was shown. 102 participants from universities in Yangon and interested persons attended. The workshop is very successful and a beneficial one for all participants.