The Consultative Meeting for the Workshop

“History in the Eyes of Digital Generation (Phase 1):
New Ways of Pedagogy in Teaching History”(12-13 Dec 2019)

  1. To implement the objectives of the project, the Consultative Meeting was held on 12 to 13 December 2019 at SEAMEO CHAT. The Meeting was attended by 20 participants: curriculum planners and education specialists from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar. The Director and Deputy Directors of SEAMEO CHAT were also present.
  2. The results from the Consultative Meeting were:
    a) Online resources on Southeast Asia history for Basic Education Level would
    be created.
    b) Historical areas/topics on Southeast Asia would be selected based on its
    relevant level.
    c) The contents and data of selected areas/topics would be designed and
    developed as the online resources. The online resources would be uploaded
    at Centre’s website.
  3. CHAT has contacted SEAMEO INNOTECH and SEAMEO SEAMOLEC to provide IT and pedagogy experts for developing online resources on Southeast Asia history.
  4. For the next step, CHAT has planned to organize a workshop on seeking experts’ inputs for selecting historical areas/topics and data on Southeast Asia in November 2020. Experts and curriculum planners from member countries together with the experts from SEAMEO INNOTECH and SEAMEO SEAMOLEC will be invited to support historical data on their respective country and design the contents on it.