Satoyama: Japanese Secret Water Garden (22 Nov 2019)

With the mission to promote the study of history and traditions, SEAMEO CHAT co-hosted the forum on “Satoyama: Japanese Secret Water Garden” with the cooperation of the Japan Foundation, Myanmar on 21 to 22 November 2019. Its purpose is to be aware of environmental issues and share how Japanese keep the environment to Myanmar people. … Read more

Forum on Kaleidoscopic Myanmar 2019(15-16 August 2019)

The Seminar on “Kaleidoscopic Myanmar 2019” was conducted in August 2019 at the centre which was presented by (14) papers from the social sciences departments of universities. 77 participants included teaching staff, pre and post graduate students and invited guests were attended. A two day meeting on “History in the Eyes of Digital Generation: New … Read more

Lecture Series on History and Tradition of Philippines (23-24 May 2019)

One of the Centre’s objectives is to enhance the efforts of the Member Countries in the utilization of the resources of their history and tradition in the continual effort of human resource development in relation to the study and teaching of history and tradition. To achieve this objective, the Centre invited two experts with the … Read more

Myanmar History in Myanmar Perspective

There have been different perspectives and interpretations on Myanmar history since it was
viewed by different people. The perspectives and interpretations of Myanmar scholars, however,
are not too well known because Myanmar scholars publish …