CHAT Communication in English (CCE): SEAMEO CHAT Contribution for Myanmar’s Future

CHAT Communication in English or CCE was founded back in 2002, just two years after the SEAMEO CHAT’s establishment. SEAMEO CHAT’s director at that time, Mrs. Ni Ni Myint, thought that, if Myanmar is ever going to be able to actively involved in the international level, then it needs people who are able to communicate with people from other countries. She also believed that English, as one of the most used languages in the international level, is just what they needed to realize that. As such, she and her Deputy Director at that time, the late Dr. Myo Myint, decided to open up an English course under the center wings. They named the course CHAT’s Communication in English or CCE for short.

In the beginning, CCE was only intended to train qualified human resources for Myanmar in the field of history and tradition on international or at least regional (ASEAN) level. The course started with only 3 classes, 3 teachers and taught specific English (History and Tradition), but as the time went on, the course expanded into 7 classes with 20 teachers and teaches a more general English. Even so, it is actually not enough to accommodate all applicants of the course, but in consideration of the main duty and function of SEAMEO CHAT and some other limitations, the center decides against expanding the course any further, which continue even until now.

The students ranged from many walks of life, from high school students to undergraduate and master student, salaryman, and even some civil servants. In the span of 16 years (2002-2018), the course has scored more than 4 thousand graduates, and the number will only keep on growing, as even now, CCE is steadfast in its commitment in educating and improving the English capability of Myanmar people. CCE is indeed SEAMEO CHAT’s contribution to the Myanmar people.

New batch for CCE Basic Level 1 is conducted three (3) times a year: January, May, and September. Registration is one month before the period begins. Further information about the registration, please check Training and Course menu.