The Final of SEAMEO CHAT’S Impromptu Talk Competition

On Monday, 17th December 2018, SEAMEO CHAT held the Final of Impromptu Talk Competition: History in The Eyes of Digital Generation. Fifteen finalists proceeded to this stage, of which 2 were unable to attend
the event.

Pic 1. The Final of Impromptu Talk Competition’s audience

The event started with the opening remarks from Secretary of Yangon City Development Committee, Hlay Maw Oo, continued with the welcoming address from Dr. Khin Lay Soe, Acting Director of SEAMEO CHAT. After that was a photo session with all the finalists, judges and VIP(s) from Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) and SEAMEO CHAT.

Before the competition began, one of the judges announced the criterion for the scoring scheme. As in the preliminary, the contestants would draw a lot for their topic which would also be announced by the MC. The contestants were then given 4 minutes each to talk and another 3 minutes to answer 3 questions from the judges after it. The criterions of the selection were still the same: the pronunciation (speech clarity), the grammatical accuracy, the correlation to the topic given, and compliance to the time limit, in addition, the gesture.

Pic 3. One of the judges explaining the scoring scheme (left)

After the last contestant finished delivering his speech and answering the questions from the judges. The judges then deliberated among themselves to decide on the winners, which would be announced in the afternoon.

The rewarding ceremony began by the MC announcing the name of the winners, who then proceeded to the stage to received their prizes.

Pic 4. Zaya Moe Kyaw, 1st prize winner receiving prizes from Dr. Nay Win Oo

After the prize rewarding ceremony, as the representative of the YCDC, the sponsor for this event, Toe Aung, the Deputy Director General of Higher Education of YCDC delivered his speech on behalf of Yangon Mayor, Maung Maung Soe, who couldn’t attend the event.

“We will continue to support SEAMEO CHAT in any similar educative event”, said Toe Aung.

Afterward, the 1st prize winner was asked to be the representative of the contestants to speak on the stage, continued with the appreciation gift by SEAMEO CHAT to YCDC and all the judges.

“I feel grateful with the statement from Mr. Toe Aung as YCDC will continue to support us”, said Khin Lay Soe, in her closing remarks to conclude the event.